Now you can do more with Inoreader!

Hi Stefan,
We started the new year with a whole slew of new ideas geared towards helping you do more with Inoreader – and two months in, we already have some new things to share with you.
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Save pages from all over the Internet.
There are many ways to come across great new content – and now you can use Inoreader to save the most interesting pages from the web in one place. Be it an interesting article for reading later or a handy resource, you can save the page straight to your Inoreader. To make it as convenient as possible, you can use a browser extension or a dedicated bookmarklet.
Searching for content just got easier.
We made some changes to our search features, so that you can find what you’re looking for fast and easy. This includes both a more user-friendly workflow for searching and subscribing, and a more powerful search index, as we migrated from Sphinx to Elasticsearch.
Read on the go.
We are making constant changes to our mobile apps – Inoreader 3.0 for iOS is packed with social features and introduces the Card view to mobile, and the 3.0 version on Android now comes with gestures and an all-new sharing menu.
And that’s not all:
  • Stars is the new name of Favorites. Your Stars now behave in a new manner, and you’re able to add tags or clear stars from your articles.
  • Rules now allow for new matching conditions, including the website domain, articles with attachments, pictures or videos.
  • Subscription plans now include an annual Starter option. It gives you a taste of the features in our Plus plan and is completely ad-free.
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