Major redesign, iOS App and more…

Hello Stefan Deep,
We miss you on Inoreader!
While you were away, we have been busy with a complete overhaul of our web application.
We have also developed a brand new iOS App and a redesigned version of our Android App is just around the corner.
There are also a lot of new features and additions, which we are sure you will enjoy.
You can read more about our redesigned version in this blog post and about iOS here.
You can also check out our blog for even more updates –
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We are constantly listening to your feedback, so if you have anything to share with us, we’ll be happy to hear from you. You can even reply to this email and it will reach our team!
Here are some of the features you might have missed:
  • Official Android and iOS apps.
  • Rules – they are the most powerful automation tool you can find in a reader. They can automatically send articles to your email, or to services like Pocket and Evernote based on many conditions that you can set. If you ever used rules in an email client – that’s how they work.
  • Free search – you can search in the full history of your feeds. Professional users can even search beyond their subscriptions – in all public feeds inside Inoreader. There are advanced search features, like advanced search syntax and specific date filtering.
  • Active search – You can turn any regular search into an active one. This means that it will appear in your subscriptions and will alert you if there are new articles matching your term.
  • Ultra-fast performance – We are constantly improving not only the speed of our apps, but also the intervals in which we deliver news to you.
  • Official browser extensions for all major browsers – they show you how many unread articles you have and you can even preview the updated feeds inside the extensions.
  • Feed boosting – we are always trying to find the right update interval for every feed, but if you have different needs, you can boost particular feeds to update even more often.
  • One-click integration with Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Evernote and OneNote.
  • Configurable dashboard. We have recently added even more gadgets.
  • Audio player with background play support, which recently got updated with new features.
  • Internal sharing – if you are of the social type, you can connect with other Inoreader users, exchange interesting articles and comment on them. There’s also a new notification system, so you never miss a friend activity.
  • Reliable archive – Inoreader doesn’t delete articles. They stay forever, which means you can tag and star articles and build a perfect categorized archive with your favorite articles.
  • And many more…
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(For the best experience, please open this link from your desktop or tablet)
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