Updated YouTube app begins rolling out, Xbox One first on the target list


YouTube is the top destination on the web for videos — not all are the highest quality, but they account for a large portion of the internet memes these days. While watching on the PC is fine, and what most users settle for, the ideal viewing method is on the big screen.

Today the video service announces the gradual roll-out of its new TV app. The company plans to get it to all set-top boxes, but the Xbox One seems to have topped the priority list.

“You’ll soon be able to find videos you want more easily with the updated YouTube app for TV designed for the big screen, which will also bring you all the videos and playlists from channels”, says Tyler Breisch of YouTube.

The new app contains an improved guide, which sprawls down the left side of the screen as a narrow column. There is also a new channel page that will display all of the content you subscribe to.

While the streaming service plans to roll this out to all TV-connected devices, like game consoles and set-top boxes, the Xbox One is first on the list. The update has already hit the games console, as it was released along with the announcement.



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