Quickly share a folder of photos online with MyImgur

MyImgurSharing photos online can sometimes be an awkward process, where you’re forced to visit some ad-packed website, maybe sign up for an account, then enter all your details before you can do anything at all.

Fortunately MyImgur bypasses all the usual hassles, and allows you to share a batch of photos with almost no work at all.

There’s no program installation required, for instance, and no account signup. Just download the program, unzip and run it wherever you need. (MyImgur uses native Win32 code so doesn’t even require the .NET framework.)

If you decide you’d like to upload several photos later, simply drag and drop them onto MyImgur. There’s no login required, no dialog asking for more information, they’re just automatically uploaded.

MyImgur generates short links for every image in your batch, looking something like http://i.imgur.com/GrvDvAU.jpg. Clicking Uploads displays these individually in the “Current Session” tab. Right-click that window and you’ll see options to copy all the links to the clipboard, or open them in your browser.

If you’re copying an individual link then there’s support for a range of formats: direct, BBCode, Linked BBCode, reddit, even HTML.

The program can also take and share screenshots. Click the Capture button, click and drag to select a freehand rectangle on your screen, and as soon as you release the left mouse button, your capture is uploaded. Pass the link to someone and they’re able to view it immediately.

If you happen to have an Imgur account then there are some handy management tools here. The program can log in, create, empty or delete albums, upload to your choice of album, set an image as “favorite”, and more.

There are also some issues. The interface is clunky, and can’t be resized. The History window didn’t display our local file names, either, making it hard to tell which link related to which image.

None of this matters much for batch uploads, though, and that’s probably where MyImgur works best. Drag and drop your photos onto the program and you’ll have their links copied in just three clicks: a real time-saver.



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