Arika Kane on Music and True Artistry


If you’ve watched Hollywood Exes, you’ve heard her powerful vocals perform the VH1 series’ theme song.

This is someone that you need to know about if you don’t already – her name is Arika Kane.

The beautiful songstress made a splash in the music scene with her first album, aptly entitled Substance, followed by her second album, Arika Kane.

Right now, you can hear her powerful single, It’s There, featuring legendary performer Brian McKnight. This single, recently released, is the first off of her upcoming album Thru the Veil which is coming our way soon.

Conversing with Arika is a fun and intellectual journey through the meaning of music and how it relates to us in our own lives. When you hear an artist whose words and rhythms have you feeling them at every beat – that is the definition of an artist worth listening to.

Arika and I chat about her artistry, her inspirations, her devotion to her fans, and the future of her music career in which she will always remain the only woman she knows how to be – herself.

Congratulations to you on all of your success, how do you feel?

I’m thrilled, excited, and anxious all the same time – we all know that anxiety can bring about the best creativity.

What’s that like? Do you get nervous sometimes with all of this anticipation?

I’m always nervous because I’m a perfectionist at heart. I’m too hard on myself when it comes to my craft. I believe that’s something that every great artist has to deal with. I’m not sure if it’s something that goes away, but it’s there.

When you sat down to create this album, did you already know what it was going to be about?

I had no clue, but I knew it was going to be good. I absolutely cannot create anything that I don’t think will be good. I knew that it was going to be something special. It’s interesting how I came up with the name Through the Veil. It came to me in the middle of the first recordings for the album. The record brought out lyrics that are so personal – where I come from, where I’ve been in my career, and all of the obstacles. It feels like I’m standing in my power and my success while the album unfolded in a way that is so different than my past two albums.

Your hit song Make It became an even bigger hit after it was made the theme song for Hollywood Exes. How did it feel to have a hit song so early in your career be an anthem for young women all over?

I feel justified because it was the perfect complement for what I was trying to portray. Make It is the first track on my first album for a reason. I really wanted people to hear my story and with my story I’m given a platform to help other women to be inspired. I’m grateful to VH1 for choosing this song, and equally as grateful to the show for helping to grow my fan base – I love my fans.

I’ve noticed that you are pretty vocal with your fans on social media. Can you think of something that one of those fans has said that just stood out and made you say “wow?”

I get at least one or two tweets a day that make me feel that way. About an hour ago, I got a tweet that told me, “I’m so in love with your music, how could I not have known about you? I’ve purchased every song.” I’m extremely grateful for that.

When you were growing up, I know your parents were very musically inclined and that inspired you. Who were your inspirations in the music industry and how have you tried to incorporate an homage to that artist in your music?

I was influenced by the greats; Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder – Aaliyah was a huge inspiration and she stood out to me. There was something so angelic and spiritual about her. It always felt to me that she never had to try and be something that she wasn’t; she was naturally gifted. Michael Jackson was a huge influence on my artistry as a whole, I definitely try and incorporate his message within my music – his message was bigger than his music and I find that to be a huge motivation for me. I am all about delivering a message that is meaningful to anyone and everyone listening to my music.

The way you deliver your message is cool, you seem to allow your audience to absorb the message without it being too “in your face.”

The best way I can say it is that I just am who I am.

Do you think that people lose themselves in the music industry by allowing it to change them into someone they are not?

I strive harder to be me, because I don’t know how to be anyone else. That’s a big thing in the music industry, they teach you to be everything that you’re not. They tell you that it’s pivotal to your success. I believe that being true to yourself is the best way to get people to believe, it might take a bit longer, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

The song Because You’re Lonely – that title spoke volumes to me because all of us have been in predicament before. Just because you meet a great person doesn’t make them great for you. So many people have been in that same situation.

It’s the story of someone choosing to be with you just because they’re lonely. They are filling that time and space, but aren’t present in the relationship. I have been on both sides of that situation. I thought that it would be cool to create a song that goes in depth with that type of situation.

Again, I know your parents having been music artists themselves inspired you. With what they’ve done and all that you’re doing now – they must be insanely proud of you.

They have been very supportive of me from the beginning. They have been proud of me since I made the decision to pursue my music career. They were a little nervous because everyone knows how crazy of an industry this can be. I just had to remind them how strong of a girl they raised.

Your new album is going to be a big deal and the title implies that there is something that is sure to give the fans a treat. Give us a hint as to what we can expect.

The entire album Thru the Veil is for everyone who enjoys my music and to those who will come to enjoy it – it will be a pleasant surprise, you’ll all hear a new Arika Kane. You’re going to hear my music expand on this album. The single Throw It All Away! that was just released last month is a perfect example of what people can come to expect in the new album. It’s going to remind everyone to celebrate their lives.

Ladies and gentleman, check out Arika and her great music on her website here.

Image courtesy of 1188 Media

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