Dell partners with DataMotion to offer email encryption

Secure email

When Dell acquired SonicWALL in 2012 it was heralded as a significant step in providing greater security to the company’s enterprise customers.

It’s now announced a partnership with email encryption specialist DataMotion to allow users of SonicWALL email security to encrypt their sensitive emails and attachments.

The alliance will provide compliance-grade encryption capabilities for all emails and file attachments with just a simple mouse-click from within the Outlook client. The combined DataMotion-Dell SonicWALL solution helps prevent confidential data leaks and regulatory violations thanks to advanced compliance scanning, management and email encryption thus ensuring the secure exchange of email containing sensitive customer data or confidential information.

“We were very focused on partnering with a cloud-based email encryption solution that offered the best end-user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. After evaluating the leading email encryption providers, it was clear that the DataMotion solution was the best choice for us,” says Patrick Sweeney, executive director of product management at Dell. “Their encryption technology complements our existing email security portfolio very well, and the DataMotion team was really easy to work with and willing to accommodate our specific needs and requirements”.

Encrypted email is now a legal requirement for some organizations in order to comply with privacy regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The DataMotion platform allows Dell to offer its customers a powerful but easy to use, cloud-hosted service that can guard emails and attachments against data theft or accidental exposure.

“It is extremely satisfying to have our cloud-based email encryption technology recognized and adopted by a world leader in email security appliance solutions,” says Bob Bales, CEO of DataMotion. “I am particularly pleased that Dell recognized not only our technical prowess, but also our agility and strength as an organization to support their offer worldwide. We are thrilled to be a part of the Dell Software partner family”.

You can find out more about SonicWALL security products on the Dell website.

Image Credit: Pixel-3D / Shutterstock


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