RCS Group goes Office 365 in latest Microsoft win

Microsoft‘s Office 365 has been rolling along as of late, scoring wins with both corporations and local governments. Now the service is visiting overseas locales, looking for even more market entry. This time around, it lands in Italy, but not for a gondola ride in Venice.

Instead, Office 365 has been adopted by RCS Group, a leading multimedia company within the European nation. “With the benefits of a consistent approach for the end user, complete transparency for the delivery and the availability of Office applications, there will be more and more opportunities for our employees to continue to deliver new, innovative ideas”, said Umberto Tonelli, chief information officer of RCS MediaGroup.

The company is no stranger to Microsoft, as the two have been partners for sometime. Things have just moved forward now with the introduction of the Office 365 platform into the mix.

“Using a combination of Office 365 cloud environment and SharePoint 2013 on-premises, RCS will transform its intranet from a pure top-down communications tool to an interactive self-service feature for virtual desk”, the software giant states.

It’s one more win for Microsoft and another strike for Google Apps, which is the biggest rival in this arms race.

Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock



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