Redis Cloud becomes available on SoftLayer

Garantia Data has announced the availability of its Redis Cloud product in the IBM-owned SoftLayer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.

IBM only acquired SoftLayer around six months ago but Big Blue seems keen to strike deals to make its cloud platform competitive with rival offerings from Microsoft and Amazon.

Redis — in case you didn’t know — is an open source data store that runs entirely from RAM. This makes it very fast and a top choice amongst developers creating cloud applications. Redis Cloud takes away many of the configuration issues associated with “do-it-yourself” Redis setups, ensuring high availability, and easier scaling and failure recovery.

Itamar Haber, Vice President of Developer Advocacy at Garantia Data writing on the IBM cloud blog says, “…open source Redis setups that are installed on virtual servers or bare metal resources work great when they’re small or if you have expert resources who can attend to and manage your Redis datasets, but developers who take this approach often encounter daunting challenges with negotiating scaling barriers…”

Garantia says that its product gets around these problems and delivers infinite scalability along with zero management with no need to waste time dealing with nodes, clusters, or any type of administration.

Mac Devine, CTO of the IBM Cloud Services Division and director of cloud innovation, says, “Developers demand high performance computing power and speed from the cloud. With the addition of Redis Cloud, the leading managed Redis solution on SoftLayer’s cloud platform, developers will benefit from unmatched infrastructure and Garantia Data’s enterprise-class Redis so they can build scalable, highly available, and top performing apps”.

That IBM is serious about this market is underlined by the product’s pricing, which at $79 per month for 1GB of storage is much cheaper than Microsoft Azure’s $108 per month for the same volume of data.

Photo Credit: everything possible / Shutterstock


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