Hulu adds Carsey-Werner titles, hopes to get a few laughs

Hulu is in a race with other video streaming services to provide more content, though in fairness there is room for several players in this growing arena. Now the company is announcing new shows will be coming to all of its customers, at least those who subscribe to the Plus version.

This time the service scores an exclusive deal, with content that isn’t available on any rival platform. There had previously been Carsey-Werner titles on Hulu Plus, including The Cosby Show, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Grounded for Life, The Tracy Morgan Show, Normal, Ohio, Damon, Whoopi, That 80s Show, Davis Rules and Men Behaving Badly, the company points out.

However, it is the new shows that you are reading this to learn of, and those include full seasons of Cosby, A Different World, Cybill and Grace Under Fire.

“Setting the stage for shows like Modern Family and Trophy Wife, these sitcoms pushed boundaries and introduced us to non-traditional families that hadn’t been seen on TV before”, states Hulu’s Maria Gonima.

All of this is available immediately for your viewing pleasure, if it happens to be something of interest. If not then, well, there is a growing library of other content online.


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