Fiverr Gifts for Work and Play

 Tia Kelly is the Social Strategist at Unbounce. You’ll find her teaching Unbounce’s savvy digital marketing communities about landing pages and conversion rate optimization on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. When not glued to a computer screen, Tia is often seeking out prime Instagram shots. Almost every day at Unbounce, we are wowed by our customers and community members. They support us, teach us, and make us proud. Many times, a plain ol’ “thank you” just isn’t enough.

In December, we were approached by the awesome team at Fiverr® and given the opportunity to spread some extra-special holiday cheer to the folks who write for our blog, guest present on our webinars or simply fill our Twitter stream with love and knowledge. Browsing the site we discovered many talented artists to help us deliver our messages. If you’re looking to make a splash in an unconventional way, Fiverr is a great way to go!

It was tough to choose favorites, but here are the sellers that impressed us the most:

For speed and quality, Ronnie’s your guy. He nailed our requests with very few details, whipping up some spot-on cartoons that we were delighted to share. These are what he made for Francisco of SocialMouths and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute:

ronnietucker - Joe Pulizzi Illustration

ronnietucker - Francisco Illustration

With minimal direction, T recorded some brilliant raps. The one he created just for our friends at Buffer was the biggest hit by far. The consensus: “Amazing.”

Spending only $145, we managed to reach more than 115,000 people (tracked with Sprout Social) in a matter of days—sparking 116 interactions on Twitter and Facebook, and countless smiles. We especially got the warm fuzzies when Jen Gordon and Peep Laja told us they played their videos for their kids:

It’s easy to use, and everything is customizable. From setup and search to ordering and delivery, all the gig details are well organized and thorough. Social media is about relationships—and Fiverr really helped us to connect with our community this holiday season.

Working with these artists has already got me thinking of fun ways to surprise my own friends and family members on birthdays and other special occasions.
What’s the best gift you’ve gotten from a colleague, client or workplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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