How to Recover from the Holidays – Fiverr Style

Fiverr Editorial Team

The holidays are a time of joy, an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Most importantly, it’s a time of reflection and gratitude.

It’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement and generosity of gift giving, family vacations and not to mention the rich holiday dinners (and lunches).

The time to get back to reality has come. We know this can be difficult and have put together a handful of Gigs® that can help you get back on track and start the New Year in better shape than ever.

Financial Tips on Fiverr
Staring at your checking account in horror and wondering how you managed to overspend by so much? These financial consulting Gigs can help:

Bungaloo will build Excel graphs that show you exactly where your money is going so you can make better spending decisions.

Normanlove has a plan to help you become totally debt free using your current income and without working extra hours or a second job.

Accounting_mala can help you solve all sorts of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial problems that you suddenly find yourself with.

Get on track
Feeling like your whole life is a bit out of control? Here are some great Gigs to help you get organized, reduce stress and increase productivity.

Lorena72 can help you organize your life using a plan that includes dealing with budgeting, prioritizing, organizing, relationships, and more.

CoachSami, a certified Dr. Martha Beck Life and Business coach, can help you achieve more success in your relationships, career, finances and health.

Madeinusa will be your virtual assistant, helping you with Web research, data entry and other tasks to make your life easier and save valuable time.

Health and Fitness Tips
If all the holiday dinners left you feeling like it’s time to start getting into better shape, these exercise and nutrition gurus offer a variety of Gigs to help you.

Dietmad offers a Gig to help men and women develop a diet and workout plan and a Gig to help men achieve killer six-pack abs.

Shawncarla, a physique competitor, has a Gig that includes a 10-step plan for achieving a flat stomach and a Gig to help men develop a huge chest and biceps.

Bnorton2010 will create a complete health guide and meal plan for you, as well as guides to help you get healthier, relieve stress, an increase your confidence.

Do you have some special tips or tricks that you use to recover from your holiday activities? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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