Secret Santa Project: Surprise Gifts from Fiverr

Fiverr Editorial Team

You never know what will happen when you organize a Secret Santa gift exchange with coworkers or friends. That’s what makes it so fun. (Did you see that Bill Gates was a secret Santa for a shocked Reddit user?)

Over the years, we’ve heard some fantastic stories from companies that turned to Fiverr® for their Secret Santa gifts.

Mat Bennett, managing director of OKO, a UK-based digital agency, told us one such story last year, and the group was so happy with the results that they decided to do it again this year. We hope Mat’s story will inspire you with some great gift ideas, and maybe you’ll decide to try your own Secret Santa next year!

Fiverr has always been a useful and fun resource for us. With so many talented people offering creative services, any time we need a great graphic to add to a presentation, or a few seconds of video to help demonstrate a point in a blog post, we go to Fiverr.

For a bit of fun, the team here organizes a Secret Santa for the week before Christmas. Last year, we wanted to do something different and decided that all presents had to be purchased on Fiverr. It turned out to be so original and fun that we did it again this year.

Fiverr instantly encourages you to get creative with the gifts while staying within a reasonable budget. It also makes the gift opening part much more fun and entertaining versus the usual last-minute boxes of chocolates, trinkets and socks.
Many great gifts were exchanged, but here are some of the highlights from this year:

Our writer Tez got a musical Christmas greeting from mtrego83 who plays his ukulele on the beach. This seller is an absolute star – we love him.

A pixel art game sprite was made of our inbound marketing executive, who is also a heavy metal vocalist, by thepocalypse.

Pixel Art Singer - Secret Santa

Our Lead developer Tim got a personalized rap song for his gift made by influencelife.

The fact that you can put your personalized message in there definitely makes it more interesting, and allows us to incorporate our inside jokes. We had social profile pictures, mini works of art, custom computer games and videos messages. It was even better this year, I have no idea why every office doesn’t do this!

Mat and team, thanks so much for sharing your story with us!

Have you received any great holiday gifts or greetings from Fiverr? Please share in the comments below or by email to

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