Episode 039 | Cristian Varela

Episode 039 | Cristian Varela 01. House Rules – Pump up the Vulume
02. Inner City – Good Life (Matt Smallwood Remix)
03. Wehbba – Attitude
04. Edward G – El Cantador
05. Farel8, Dj Schiffer, Vitaly Mclay – Party Pills
06. Sergio Fernandez – Good Mood
07. Filterheadz – This & That
08. Quivver – Cookin´
09. Pump Up The Jam (Federico Scavo Remix)
10. Heartik – Wistful Memory
11. Wehbba – No Face No Problem
12. Evil Twin – Necesessary Evil (2013 Remix)

Broadcast Schedule: http://goo.gl/tvK39Q
Listen: http://stream2.radioEttlingen.de
Playlist: http://playlist2.radioEttlingen.de
Web: http://goo.gl/Fa7QLy

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