Microsoft to allow apps to be installed on up to 81 devices

Microsoft announces that it is dramatically increasing the number of devices users are able to install apps on. At the moment there is a limit of five devices, enabling customers to install the apps they have bought on multiple devices with the same user account. While you might think that five devices is enough for most people, some developers and customers wanted more. Microsoft listened and has increased the app roaming limit. Massively.

Five devices just not enough? How does 81 sound? Yep… 81 devices. Microsoft says it is responding to the demands made of it — “since we launched Windows 8, we heard growing feedback from many developers and from our most enthusiastic customers that the limit of 5 was not enough for their needs. Developers asked for more flexibility in implementing their business models, and customers wanted to run those apps on the variety of tablets, laptops and desktops they owned”.

Although the figure appears to be derived from the version number of Windows 8.1, the new limit will be in place for users of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 from 9 October.

If developers are concerned that this will lead to a reduction in income due to app “sharing”, Microsoft points out that APIs exist that can be used to place a limit on the number of devices that can access a service simultaneously.

Is 81 enough for you?


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