125 Gorgeous Apple Mail Stationery Templates – only $9.97!

Remember when people communicated the old school way? No, not through morse code. That’s a bit too old school. We’re talking about letters. Specifically stationery. 

Picking out different stationery was always a blast what with the many different shapes, sizes, colors and, best of all, designs. But along came email and suddenly no one bothered corresponding with physical letters. 

If you use Apple’s Mail program to send your emails, however, you can still have that old-school stationery feel but with today’s modern technology! Yep, there are some super spiffy high-quality templates available, and with this Mighty Deal you can add some excitement to your emails with 125 High Quality Apple Mail Templates from Jumsoft!

Mail Stationery Bundle Highlights:125 Stationery Templates
With this collection, you’ll receive 125 gorgeously unique stationery templates to use with Apple Mail. Besides being visually attractive, these highly functional designs are sure to enhance your emails!9 Different Categories
This bundle has all your bases covered, no matter what type of message you’re trying to send. Choose from 9 different categories including: Basic, Bright, Business, Cardboard Gallery, Daily, Greetings, Ink Sense, Invitations, and Photo.Extra Color Themes and Designs
Most of the 125 templates also include some great bonus features. Many include up to 8 extra color themes or variations in the design. Simply click on the background of one of the emails you created with your stationery, to explore these different options.Easy to Customize
Many of the stationery templates include text and images. But you can easily replace the standard text with your own and even drag and drop your photos right on top of the placeholder images. Simple stationery!Viewable in Gmail and Yahoo
While these stationery templates are only usable in Apple Mail, they will show up on your recipient’s Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Hotmail, as they do not allow images in email background. Screenshots:


While stamps continue to increase in price, you’ll just have to pay a one-time fee for this stationery! 

Normally, this collection of 125 stationery templates will cost you $19.99

But for a limited time only, you can get this gorgeous collection for only $9.97!

That’s a 50% savings!

125 unique stationery templates!

Make your emails stand out!

Fun! Simple! Unique!

Click the BUY now button and add some beauty into your digital life.

Deal terms:
You will receive a serial number, after completing your purchase, to download the templates from the vendor’s website.Includes free updates.Mail Stationery can only be used with Apple’s Mail, which also offers the best viewing experience.Emails created with the stationery can also be viewed on Gmail and Yahoo. However, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, and Hotmail does not allow image content in email background and, therefore, do not support stationery.

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