WP Plugins: Countdown and Photobooth – only $14!

What’s better than having someone visit your website? Having them come back the next day! Yep, site “stickiness” is a pretty vital part of building up a solid base of loyal users.

Two great ways to do that are building up a community and offering some fun content. One easy way to do both of those is with a pair of WordPress plugins from Zine Scripts available in this amazing Mighty Deal. 

First, create a fun photo-heavy community with Photobooth that lets anyone add photos to your gallery. The second plugin is Countdown, a tool that lets you count down to one huge event (or up from an event in the past). It’s a great way to bring your userbase together to work towards a specific moment in time.

This pair of popular plugins would be a great addition to any website, instantly adding fun and interactivity. Even better, you can snag this dynamic duo at a steal of a price – 50% off!

Photobooth WordPress Plugin


Easy Installation
As a WordPress Plugin, Photobooth can be installed in the blink of an eye. It integrates beautifully right in your WordPress admin.Create a Beautiful Photo Community
With Photobooth, visitors to your website or blog can add photos right to your site. Use it to run contests, share experiences or just continue to build and grow your community. Users will have up to a full hour to delete their own photos if they wish.Full Approval Rights
Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly be stuck with a website full of awful, offensive photos. With the approval queue you have complete control over what makes it through to the public or not.Easy to Share
Social sharing is the best way to spread the word about your site. With all the great photos you’ll soon have on your site, you want to make it as easy as possible for users to share their photos. That’s why Photobooth will always prompt your users to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, right after they’ve added their images.HTML5 Enabled
Since Photobooth uses the slick new HTML5 web camera APIs, you won’t need any third party plugins. Older browsers that can’t handle HTML5 will revert to Flash to display the images. Responsive Design
Since Photobooth’s built on a responsive design, that means it’ll work on any device that your users are surfing your website on. Whether it’s a tablet, laptop, desktop computer or smartphone, your photo community will display beautifully. Use As Often as You’d Like
With the Photobooth license, you can run the plugin on as many websites as you’d like, whether for personal or client use.

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Countdown WordPress Plugin


6 Gorgeous Designs
The Countdown Plugin comes with 6 gorgeous counter designs built in. Choose whichever one fits best with your site, or change the look up regularly. You can even fully customize the look by changing up the counter’s CSS.Simple to Use
Adding a countdown clock to any of your pages or posts becomes as easy as just clicking a single button. Schedule Actions
The really neat thing about Countdown is that you can set various actions to be executed when your timer hits zero. You could redirect to a different page or even replace the counter entirely with some custom HTML.Versatile in Use
Counters can work both ways: count down to a specific event or count forward from a moment in the past.Unlimited Use
With your purchase of Countdown, you can use the plugin on as many websites as you’d like, whether they’re your own personal sites or sites you’re building for clients.

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These two entertaining WordPress plugins normally cost a combined price of $29, but for a limited time only, you can get BOTH Photobooth and Countdown plugins for just $14! That’s a 52% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to add some interaction to your website!

Deal terms:
The plugins are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.Requires WordPress 3.3 or later.You can use these scripts commercially, and if you are a web developer or designer, you can use them on your clients’ websites.You can use these plugins an unlimited number of times and on unlimited web sites.Support is provided by the Zine Scripts via email.

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