PowerArchiver 2013 improves performance, adds cloud support and encryption tools

It’s taken a little while, but ConeXware has finally released PowerArchiver 2013 (aka version 14). We’re not really surprised that it’s taken some time to get through beta, though: this is no cosmetic upgrade, rather it’s crammed with significant changes and major new features.

Extensive cloud support means you can upload, add files or download from services like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box.et, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

A new FIPS 140-2-certified Encryption Suite application can encrypt or decrypt files in ZIP/ZIPX, OpenPGP, PAE and 7-zip formats, and makes use of whatever security rules you’ve set up in PowerArchiver (Password Policies, Password Profiles and so on).

Encryption Suite also delivers full support for OpenPGP, enabling PowerArchiver to work with OpenPGP archives just as easily as any others.

There’s new support for opening RAR 5.x files, while handling of NSIS, PA SFX’s, ZIP.001 and tar archives has been improved.

ConeXware claims the PowerArchiver ZIP engine has been significantly optimized, and is now up to 30-50 percent faster than WinZip. But it also now uses less CPU time when your laptop is in power saving mode, helping to extend battery life.

And all this is presented in a new Windows 8/ Office 2013-inspired interface. (Don’t worry, the previous “classic toolbar” option is still available, if required.)

PowerArchiver 2013 is priced from $22.95, runs on any version of Microsoft’s operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 8, and trial downloads are available now.



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