Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder – from $35!

Despite it’s open source nature, WordPress sill has its limitations. There’s always 1 or 2 things you wish you could change about a specific theme, but it’s always a nightmare to figure out how to make those changes. That’s why our previous Mighty Deal for the super-customizable Ultimatum did so incredibly well. And now we’re bringing you the bigger, bolder, highly anticipated new version with loads more features.

Yes, customization is never easy. Well it’s not unless you have the latest version of Ultimatum! Written in CSS3 and HTML5, this modern marvel is so much more than just a WordPress theme or framework. It’s a total all-in-one WordPress Solution.

One of the most customizable WordPress solutions on the planet, users can modify everything from specific font elements to the overall layout structure using the super simple and user-friendly admin interface. You’d be hard pressed to find a more flexible and simple WordPress solution.

You’d also be hard pressed to find one so cheap! For a limited time only, you can nab Ultimatum 2.5 for more than 50% off the regular price! It’s the Ultimate Deal!

Ultimatum Website Builder Highlights:No Coding Necessary
You don’t need to know a lick of programming to use Ultimatum. With its super robust interface, you can build an entire WordPress website just using the simple drag-and-drop template builder.Design Your Own Layouts
Many WordPress themes and templates offer a few variations in layout but you’re always limited to what they’re offering. With Ultimatum, you can use the unique layout builder to put your widgets and modules anywhere you’d like on the page. Just drag and drop each element and you’re good to go. Simple Styling
Using Ultimatum’s CSS editors you can change up the font style, size, height and color of any section of your site! No need to dig through various CSS files and mess with the code either. This crazy simple interface just lets you select what you want by filling out forms and dropdown menus. Mobile Ready
Ultimatum is built with a responsive design. That means it’ll work anywhere your users take it! That includes laptops, tablets, smartphones and more! However, if you’d like, with the Pro version of Ultimatum, you can also create a mobile web application of your site with just a few easy clicks.Bootstrap and Bootswatches
Ultimatum includes the classic 960 grid system, but they’ve also added a highly popular grid framework to the latest Ultimatum release. You can now create all sorts of websites with Bootstrap and 12 Bootswatches! 3 Incredible Premium Sliders
Sliders are a great way to show off some of your site’s best features, and with Ultimatum you get 3 amazingly awesome premium sliders: Layer Slider, Slider Revolution and ShowBiz Slider! Each are simple to use and highly customizable! It also includes 7 more sliders.Mammoth Font Library
Besides the more than 600 Google fonts available you can easily add your own fonts right into the system and use them anywhere on your site!Create Beautiful Slideshows
Using the Slideshow Generator, you can just drag and drop your content and create a gorgeous slideshow for your users to enjoy!Tons of Menu Options
Even something as basic as a menu can turn into a great visual or resourceful component of your site. With Ultimatum you have your choice of 7 different types of menus from Vertical DropDown Menu to Bootstrap Menu.CSS Live Preview
Are you one of those types that edits the CSS, saves it and refreshes your site to see the changes? That can be a time-consuming and painful process. Use Ultimatum’s Front-End CSS Editing tool and you’ll see your changes previewed for you right in front of your eyes in real time.Widgets Galore
Sure WordPress already has an arsenal of widgets, many of which are great. But Ultimatum comes with a slew of its own custom widgets, designed to work seamlessly with the Ultimatum template! Widgets includes things like Tag Cloud, Ultimatum Super Title, Ultimatum Search, Ultimatum Recent Comments, Ultimatum BreadCrumbs, etc.WooCommerce Compatible (Pro version only)
Setting up an online store? If you use WooCommerce, you’re in luck! Ultimatum was built to work seamlessly with the popular online e-commerce solution!Detailed Documentation
With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you’ll get some serious learning tools too. Ultimatum comes with detailed documentation to fully explain every one of its fantastic features.

See all the features


The insanely powerful and customizable full featured Pro license of Ultimatum normally sells for $125, but for a limited time only, you can get this ultimate all-in-on WordPress solution for just $57! That’s more than 50% off the regular price! OR if you’re just looking for a more basic Starter license for a single site, you can get here for just $35, instead of the normal $65.

Click the BUY NOW button today to choose your license and start customizing your site the way you want!

Deal terms:
You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase to register at the Ultimatum website.You will need a domain with WordPress 3.5 or higher installed as well as PHP 5 or higher, in order to use Ultimatum.Includes updates and support.If you previously purchased this deal, you can upgrade to the latest version through your Ultimatum account.Ultimatum works only on self hosted WordPress sites (not WordPress.com hosted websites).The Starter License can only be used for one website. The Pro License may be used on unlimited websites and includes some additional features. Please select… Ultimatum Starter License (single site) – $35 Ultimatum Pro License (unlimited sites) – $57 Buy now $35

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