Notism Combines Visual Feedback, Prototyping and Task management – only $13!

The worst feedback a company can ever receive is none. Whether it’s comments from your co-workers or your business clients, feedback and communication are the life blood of a successful relationship. And that in turn breeds some fantastic projects.

However, keeping an open line of communication is often easier said than done. With so many people working remotely, multi-tasking, sharing servers, commenting via email, and so on, keeping tabs on just one single design project can end up eating up most of your time.

Good thing there are some stellar apps out there to help keep you organized and on task. Take a look at Notism, a powerful workflow app for creative teams that also lets you add visual feedback and prototyping to your designs. 

Simple to use, you’ll easily be able to organize and share all feedback related to your projects in one simple application. And thanks to Mighty Deals, you won’t just be saving yourself a ton of time and headaches, but you’ll also be saving more than 50% if you order today!

Notism Highlights:

Smoother Review Process
With Notism, everything about your review process just runs more efficiently. You can receive live feedback right on your project, sign off on layouts or do a variety of random tests of your work to test the mainstream pulse.

Notism Visual Feedback

Use Sketches to Comment
Sometimes you can express a comment much easier with a quick sketch rather than a highly detailed note. Notism features a number of easy-to-use tools that let you draw all over your image. You can even adjust the line type, width and color to your choosing.

Notism Sketch

Add Highlights
A built-in highlighter lets you give extra emphasis to a chunk of area within your layout. This makes it easy to draw your audience’s eyes directly to a specific area.

Notism Highlights

Prototype Your Work
With Notism, you can put together actual working protoypes of your static design templates. Just link a number of screens together and add various hotspots. It’s simple and much more effective than just sharing flat images.

Notism Prototypes

Real-Time Feedback
Whether it’s your team members or business clients, you can easily open the lines of communication and get instant feedback in real time. With the new activity stream, you’ll also receive immediate notifications about any actions from team members such as new comments, uploaded content or even simple notes.

Notism Notifications

Create Task Lists
Keeping your team on task is always a challenge. With Notism, you can set up and assign all sorts of to-do actions to your team. Keep track of it all easily by managing your to-do lists so you’ll always know what’s going on with your project and where everything is in relation to the big picture.

Notism Task Manager

Sign-Off or Reject Projects
Various activity statuses for every screen of your project let you quickly keep things moving and organized. All good with a screen? Set it to “Approved”! Waiting for final feedback on something? Then mark it as “For Review.” Or choose “In Progress” if a screen’s still being built out.

Notism Screen Status

Version Control
Don’t worry about losing any previous versions of a screen with your most recent changes. Notism includes version control, so you can easily dig through a screen’s history to find old elements you may want to reintroduce or pull up a number of versions for comparison.

Notism Version Control

Customize Your Communication
With unique categories that you create yourself, all the communication you have with your team can easily be organized. Filter by category and you can seamlessly go straight to the important tasks you need to tackle at once.

Notism Categories

Simple Sharing
It couldn’t be easier to put all your ideas in one area and then share them with team members or outside clients. Either spit out some preview links to share, or invite others directly to your account.

Notism Simple Sharing


“Our clients see the value of Notism IMMEDIATELY. They love the ability to share feedback quickly and effectively across multiple teams, great work guys keep it up!” – Pablo Vera, Director of Digital & Founder, Vera Roca Digital

“Having the capability to swiftly share screens & ideas makes us wonder how we lived without it.” – Steve Mebs, President at Box Clever

“We use Notism for iOS App Design and it makes our design process & dialog with the customer so much easier, no more projects without Notism!” – Tobias Braun, Art Director, DELUCKS

“Notism is a lean and clean productivity booster for every team depending on quick and precise feedback from stakeholders and team members. Using Notism in our group of UX/IA designers, art directors and project managers effectively reduced the e-mail hassle and made coordinating the changes on prototype evolution that much easier.” – Gerrit Dreher, CD, deepblue networks AG


Normally the Small Plan of the design collaboration platform Notism sells for $27, but for a limited time only, you can get this incredibly resourceful visual feedback, prototyping and workflow app for just $13! That’s more than 50% off the regular price!

Here’s something else to take note of. You can save 50% or more off any of Notism’s plans for 3 months:

Small Plan: 3 months for $13 (regularly $27)Team Plan: 3 months for $36 (regularly $72)Agency Plan: 3 months for $69 (regularly $147)Enterprise Plan: 3 months for $145 (regularly $297)

Click the BUY now button to choose your plan and bring the collaborating back to team feedback!

Deal terms:
You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem and register at the Notism website.This deal provides you with 3 months pre-paid access to Notism. You can continue your subscription with Notism after the 3 month period, at the normal rate. View full terms Please select… Small Plan – $13 Team Plan – $36 Agency Plan – $69 Enterprise Plan – $145 Buy now $13

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