Google rolls out new menu, you can get it NOW

The Google homepage changes little, though minor tweaks here and there have been known to take place. The company, and its customers, largely prefer a sleek, clean look. Minor changes to properties contained in the top menu bar and the color of said bar have been the biggest changes we normally must learn to deal with.

Today, that status quo is upset by a major, at least in relative terms, design change to that tried and true interface. The menu bar across the top of the screen disappears and is replaced by a new pop-up menu.

“Your Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen. Just click on the familiar ‘Apps’ grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks”, says the search giant’s Eddie Kessler.

The new box gives access to Gmail, Play, Calendar, Maps, News, Search and YouTube and a few others. The rest are included in the “More” option.

You may be one of the lucky few to already have access, but if you do not then there is a work-around. From the Google homepage, open the Developer Console of your web browser (the process is different for each) and add a new line of code:

e66a207a51ceefd8 :U=936bafc98b2a9121:FF=0
:LD=en:NR=10: CR=2:TM=1378808351:

(You should replace “” with your regional Google domain address.)

Refresh the page and you should gain access. If you do not want to be bothered with this process then simply wait and the interface will come to you.

Google also points out a slightly redesigned company logo — “as part of this design, we’ve also refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo. We’ll be rolling out this update across most Google products over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts”.

The new design still does not change the homepage tremendously, but for Google, its a big leap. What do you think of this reimagining of the menu?



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