Microsoft keeps pace with Apple, updates Bing for iOS 7

Two days ago Apple rolled out its latest mobile operating system offering, iOS 7. To compliment this new release, Microsoft is making sure to keep up with the latest version of the OS, by pushing out a brand new version of the Bing app. The company is hitting Apple hard with integration right into the heart of the platform.

“With the release of iOS 7 this week, you can now experience Bing search results in Siri”, the software giant announces. The Bing search within Siri aims to deliver various types of results, keeping you from going to the web browser to view the same list of results. Microsoft explains, “for example, when you ask Siri a question, you will either see a specific answer or search results from Bing, including web links, related searches, images and video”.

The update to the app also contains four new tiles, allowing you to check trending news and images from Bing Trends, find nearby local businesses on a map, and check the weather. There is, additionally, a new share button that interacts with Facebook and Twitter and a revamped menu that allows you to view saved images, screenshots and bookmarks, as well as sign-in with a Microsoft account to sync them to Skydrive.

The new Bing for iOS 7 is available for free in the iTunes App Store starting today. So, if you installed the latest Apple mobile OS, or managed to secure a brand new device then this is something you may just want to look at.


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