GatherContent: Simple Website Content Organization – only $24!

Content is king. That’s pretty much a given these days, right? Unfortunately, content can often get lost or jumbled among emails, instant messages, revised documents and more. In other words, content can also be a highly disorganized king.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When building websites for your clients, you no longer need to fight with a range of different sources to produce and finalize content. With the online content coordination tool GatherContent, the content can smoothly flow from writer to client to Web.

With various tools at your disposal, including a single place to house all content, it’s never been easier to work with your clients on content creation and coordination. And best of all, this simple-to-use tool is currently available for more than 50% off, thanks to this Mighty Deal!

GatherContent Highlights:Single Content Repository
Stop dealing with shared documents, emailed files, instant message updates, etc. Keeping tabs on just one single story could be a nightmare, let alone an entire website’s full content. Instead, with GatherContent, it’s all housed under one single roof. All of your client’s content is kept in a single location so it’s never lost or misplaced.Prep Content Early
Just because your client’s Content Management System (CMS) isn’t quite ready yet, doesn’t mean they can’t start writing yesterday! Content is still king, so from day 1, start collecting and organizing all of your client’s content. You can even start collaborating on pieces long before the CMS is finished up.Easy to Build Site Structure
In just a matter of minutes, you can completely map out and start structuring your client’s website. Thanks to content types and hierarchies, you’ll have no problem quickly outlining any site, whether it has a handful of pages or tens of thousands!Success is in the Details
Miscommunication is the biggest enemy to writers and their editors. With GatherContent, however, that’s never a concern. That’s because each structural element of a page contains specific guidelines, including word and character limits, to keep everyone on the same page. Literally.Deadline Auto-Reminders
Your time is way better spent working on your actual site, rather than chasing after copy, right? Stop bugging your client’s for content and instead let GatherContent do the dirty work for you. Set various deadlines and let auto reminders alert your clients as the due dates fast approach.Detailed Progress Reports
With GatherContent’s detailed progress reports, you’ll instantly have a snapshot of your entire project’s workflow. Know which content still needs to be created, what’s awaiting approval, etc.Simple Feedback
Revisions and tracking changes are certainly helpful, but when dealing with a ton of content, they can end up being real cumbersome and more harmful than helpful. Instead, avoid large numbers of revision rounds with clients by simply commenting quickly on each specific piece of content. Full Accountability
Wondering who made what change? Who dropped the ball on one section or hit a home run on another? Forget wasting hours digging through emails and files. Uh uh. With GatherContent, you’ll get a full audit trail of every single piece of content. You’ll know who, what and when, as well as have the ability to revert to any previous versions.Simple to Use
Despite it’s highly efficient organizational tools, GatherContent is actually incredibly easy to use. Ridiculously user friendly, you can have your clients up and running and submitting content in no time!White-labeled Platform
Don’t worry about confusing your clients with yet another company and login. GatherContent can be completely white-labeled to give your clients a beautifully branded platform to use and share with all of their copywriters, whether in-house or out.Export Word Docs
Copying and pasting can be a nightmare, especially if you’re dealing with loads of different documents. So don’t do it. Using one of GatherContent’s automated export plugins, you can automate the entire process and send Word Docs directly into the system.Training Portal
Use a white-labeled client training portal to get your team and your client’s up and running quickly. Various explanatory videos run down exactly how to best use GatherContent, so you won’t waste precious time going back and forth trying to fully explain the entire system.Real-Time Backups
Not only is your client’s content organized and managed in a seamless flow, but it’s also backed up regularly. All of your content is backed-up and secured every single hour.Integrations & Exports:

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Access to GatherContent’s fabulous content streamlining tool normally costs $49 per month for a Freelancer plan (1 active project) or $79 for a Studio plan (unlimited active projects). For a limited time, however, you can save more than 50% off that rate! Pay just $24/month for the Freelancer plan or $37/month for the Studio plan! Purchase the first month at the reduced rate through this deal and on top of that, when you renew with GatherContent, they will continue to honour the same discounted rate for your first year!

Gather your wits and click the BUY NOW button to start organizing your clients’ content today!

Deal terms:
You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem and register at the GatherContent website, to obtain your first month of access.Your first month is pre-paid using your coupon code. After your first month, GatherContent will honor the same rate as this deal, when renewing your membership for up to 1 year.You will need to provide your billing and credit card information when registering at the GatherContent website, for renewal purposes (for after the first month). You can cancel at any time to avoid any additional charges. Please note that GatherContent only accepts credit card payments, not PayPal.You may start your plan at any time as your coupon code does not expire. Please select… Freelancer plan – $24 Studio plan – $37 Buy now $24

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