Chrome 30 for iOS improves Google App integration

Just in time for iOS 7, Google has announced the release of Chrome 30 for iOS. Or for iOS 6-7, anyway — the search giant has shifted its minimum requirements, so anyone still on iOS 5.x is now out of luck.

If you missed the release of Chrome 29 — hardly surprising, as it only appeared last week — then that extended searching with what Google called “intelligent pronoun understanding”. And basically this gives your searches some context, so if you ask “Who directed Star Wars?”, then “Where was he born?”, you’ll get sensible answers in each case.

Chrome 30 meanwhile gains better integration with Google Apps. It’s easy to add or remove accounts in Settings, and once you’ve signed in to Chrome, you can then log in to other Google Apps with a single click.

You can now also have Chrome directly open links in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google+ and YouTube apps (although this can be selectively disabled in Settings, under “Google Apps”, if you prefer.

Elsewhere, there’s what Google calls “improvements to the fullscreen experience on your iPad”, some design updates for iOS 7, and the usual selection of bug and security fixes.

Chrome 30 for iOS is available now free for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later.


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