Chalkboard-Style Fonts: 6 Fun Fonts for only $9!

There’s just nothing like walking into a family restaurant and seeing the day’s specials up on a chalkboard. You know, the kind with a real fun, friendly font. Well, these days, that chalkboard style is really making waves thanks to social network sites like Pinterest. From recipes to DIY crafts, people are using this trendy font style to grab viewers’ attention.

Looking to get in on the fun? Well, you certainly came to the right place! This Mighty Deal features 6 Chalkboard-Style Fonts from Kimberly Geswein in one beauty of a bundle. That’s a half-dozen truly unique and quirky fonts to spice up your projects. And the real fun is in the savings! Yep, you can get this entire bundle for 70% off the regular price!

Chalkboard-Style Font Bundle Highlights:Perfectly Fun Font for Crafters and Designers
You might think of banging out erasers for your teacher when you think of chalkboards, but these days Chalkboard-style fonts are anything but boring. They’re a totally fun way to show off your latest designs and are really taking the Pinterest world by storm. 6 Chalkboard Fonts
When you’re having this much fun with your font, you can’t just do with one single chalkboard font. Uh uh. With this Mighty Deal, you ‘ll get 6 totally unique and trendy hand-drawn fonts all done in the Chalkboard Style. Change them up as you show off and share all of your recent crafty photos with your friends.Covers Most European Languages
All 6 fonts in this bundle include most of the necessary glyphs needed to cover the most popular European languages used today. They also included full punctuation sets to let you correctly complete your sentences. Commercial License
Your purchase of this Mighty Deal grants you a license to use each of these fonts on any of your personal projects as well as commercial ones. That means you can use them to add some fun to your own personal photos or for any work you’re doing for a client.Great for Fun, Trendy Projects
You can use these chalkboard fonts on any website, product or advertising material, but they’re really perfect for any sort of fun and trendy project. Party invitations, craft sale flyers, recipe cards, you name it!Good For Up to 5 Computers
While your license only covers one computer user, you can use and install these fonts on up to 5 of your own computers. That’s real convenient, especially if you have separate computers for work and home.You’ll get the following 6 fonts:

KG Hard Candy Solid + KG Hard Candy Striped

KG Next to Me Sketched + KG Next to Me Solid

KG Second Chances Sketch + KG Second Chances Solid


This set of 6 chalkboard-style fonts normally sells for $30 (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only, you can get either the Desktop or Web Font version of the entire bundle of fonts for only $9. That’s a chalk-tacular savings of 70% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and inject some fun into your fonts!

Deal terms:
The font files are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.The Desktop font files are in .ttf format and work on both Windows and Mac.The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.All fonts may be used for commercial purposes in any website, product, or advertising materials as needed.Kimberly Geswein owns all intellectual property in the fonts. The fonts are licensed, not sold. Kimberly Geswein permits you to copy, download, install, use, or otherwise benefit from the functionality or intellectual property of the fonts only in accordance with the terms of this agreement. You may use and install the Desktop fonts on up to 5 computers for the same user only. Additional users must purchase additional licenses.This license allows for usage in a mobile app in static images only.See more license info. Please select… Desktop Fonts – $9 Web Fonts (@fontface) – $9 Desktop + Web Fonts – $18 Buy now $9

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