OM in the News: 3 Rules of Thumb for ERP Implementation

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ERP-GraphicIn our discussion of ERP in Chapter 14, we write: “ERP systems are expensive, full of hidden issues, and time-consuming to install.”  AddsApptricity (Sept. 16, 2013):  “ERP implementations too often turn into their own little hellish experiences for companies large and small.” Getting all of a company’s various data systems to talk to each other efficiently, accurately and instantly share data makes great sense. But many companies still don’t have effective and efficient ERP systems in place. So what can a firm that do to successfully implement an ERP system?

Apptricity provides these 3 old adages:

  1. Look Before Your Leap.  ERP systems are complex, touching on every department, worker, business activity, form, and data set. That means that every need, contingency, possibility, and potential barrier must be addressed in the planning process. Failure to do that invariably leads to frustrating and expensive delays.
  2. Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth. Managing…

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