Maxthon for Windows adds global rule customising, restores Page Mute function

Maxthon has released a major new update for its self-titled browser. Maxthon 4.1 and Maxthon Portable 4.1 both aim to provide Windows users with a performance-enhanced browser that retains compatibility with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Version 4.1 continues in this vein, delivering a number of performance-related improvements alongside a handful of new and enhanced features, including the support for customising global blocking rules.

The first new feature added to Maxthon 4.1 is actually one that has re-emerged after having been initially dropped from version 4. Page Mute — accessible via the Status bar or a customisable keyboard shortcut — allows users to mute all sounds from the browser.

Search suggestions have now been added to the Address Bar and Quick Access page, and support for customising the global blocking rules, which allows users to now apply scripts and rules across all domains — users can access these via the AdHunter > Edit Blocking Rules… menu.

Other changes include utilising GPU Acceleration when users are in Ultra Mode, Maxthon’s performance-driven mode utilising Chrome’s WebKit engine. Meanwhile, Retro Mode, which employs Internet Explorer’s Trident engine for compatibility purposes, gains a few features previously restricted to the program’s Ultra Mode.

These features include support for URL blocking, the pop-up block and Magic Fill tool, which speeds up filling in web forms and logging in online. Other Magic Fill improvements include the ability to save more than just username and password data for a site, plus improved smart logic and “enriched” General Identity content, more of which can be filled in automatically.

The update also includes a number of improvements — some centred around dual-core processors — and bug fixes. Maxthon and Maxthon Portable are both available now as a freeware downloads for Windows.

A Mac version (4.05) is also available — recent updates include support for trackpad gestures and customising search engines.

Photo Credit: Lighthunter/Shutterstock


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