Camera360 maker goes audio for Android and iPhone

My favorite mobile camera app adds a new feature, but it has nothing to do with your actual image quality. This time around the company plans to head in a completely different direction, with a unique new addition to its popular Camera360 app.

The company claims that “Camera360 has been the focus of much success lately, including being named as the No.2 Best Startup at the 2013 Fortune Global Forum and achieving a user base of over 120 million people from across the globe”. Now the app maker heads into the audio world.

With many of today’s smartphones now containing audio capture technology, the Audio Camera tool will help add to all of the emotion, humor and drama that is captured using the Camera360 app.

The new feature enables users to record and collect the final five seconds of sound before a picture is taken and save it along with the image. To prevent additional audio files being saved alongside the actual photo, everything is compressed into one JPEG file, saving plenty of space and memory on your smartphone or tablet.

“With the launch of Audio Camera, Camera360 will help you truly restore the moment and emotion of precious occasions such as when your girlfriend says ‘Yes, I do!’ at that magic moment and also when your classmates say ‘Cheese’ when you graduate from university”, say Camera360 president Hao Xu.

The app is free from both Google Play and the Apple App Store now. What will you use it for? And how much NSFW audio will be captured in the moments before a photo?


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