An Android fan sets off down the Windows Phone 8 path

…Or perhaps I should call it the road less traveled? In my previous life I used Windows Mobile for my job and, I must admit, I came away with nothing good to say. But, since Microsoft re-launched the platform as Windows Phone, I have been intrigued. After all, I am a tech junkie — shiny and new always catches my attention.

A couple of days ago I elected to take the plunge — the Nokia Lumia 928 arrived via FedEx and the SIM card from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus was immediately popped out and inserted into a brand new Windows Phone.

No two mobile devices are the same — I moved from an Android handset with a top power-button to a side one last year — a minor change, but a change, nonetheless. Everything takes some adjustment, but most devices today are fairly intuitive, and only take a bit of getting used to. The Lumia 928 is no different. It is a new device with an unfamiliar operating system.

First Take

I do not yet feel comfortable giving you a full opinion on everything, as I need to continue exploring. There is much to be discovered, but I will post regular updates as that process plays out.

If you hold a gun to my head and demand to know what I think of the device fresh out of the box then I would tell you this: both the hardware and software are gorgeous. Setup was seamless. My colleague Mihaita Bamburic, who made this move already, explained that I must add a server address to my Gmail setup (to take advantage of Exchange ActiveSync), but it seems this has been implemented in the firmware already, as mine appeared automatically. He also gave me a settings tip that, again, was already enabled.

Nokia is nailing issues down rather quickly, though that may be relative compared to the time the company has been producing devices on this platform.

Up Next

This is a big move — I have much invested in the Android operating system, including app purchases. I must begin seeking the same, or similar, replacements. I must learn where particular settings can be tweaked. As I travel through this new and different journey I will keep updates coming. But I am excited by my start.


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