Winamp adds more accessible Safe Mode troubleshooting option, XPSF playlist support

Winamp 5.64 and its more fully functional, paid-for sibling, Winamp Pro 5.64 have been released, with a couple of new features joined by a myriad of improvements and bug fixes.

The latest minor update to Nullsoft’s popular lightweight music player for Windows opens with a new option for simplifying the task of restarting Winamp in Safe mode for troubleshooting purposes: users will find this option under Options > Preferences > Plug-ins. The option was already present via the command line (use the /SAFE=1 command switch).

The new build also adds read-only support for XML Shareable Playlist Format playlists, with the promise of read-and-write support to follow in a future version. XSPF is designed to provide a portable playlist format that can be played on both computers and supported devices.

Improvements in Winamp 5.64 include added tooltips for truncated text when using Media Library listviews, a new “Explore item folder” option when right-clicking playlists and the Bookmark menu handling now following Winamp’s Play/Enqueue settings.

Video tearing issues should be improved by tweaks to Winamp’s D3D vsync mode, while the source info for album art is now displayed in the Artwork tab of the File Info dialog. Winamp 5.64 should also better remember the last position of dialogs, plus prove more compatible with Windows 8’s filetype associations.

Also recently updated is Winamp for Android. Version 1.4.10 adds a new setting allowing users to select their desired type of notification (none, basic, player controls and so on). It also fixes a bug with SHOUTcast art and data not updating between song changes and promises improvements to counter music stuttering on selected devices.

Winamp 5.64 is available as a freeware download for PCs running Windows XP or later, and Winamp Pro 5.64 is available as a free trial download, with the full version costing $19.95. Winamp for Android 1.4.10 is also available, while Mac users can currently test Winamp for Mac Sync Beta.


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